January 2015

It is a bittersweet revelation that I joined the DMFPO Board of Directors in August, 2006, served as Vice-President in 2008 and 2009, and performed as President of the Board of Directors for the five year period between January, 2010 and December, 2014. One sweet part is that I dearly believe in term-limits on volunteer boards. Term limits are good for the organization, and also for the volunteers. One bitter part is that I truly enjoyed serving on the

DMFPO board and being part of the enormous progress we made between the beginning of 2010 and the end of 2014. Other sweet aspects are the privilege of serving over the years with so many devoted, capable and creative DMFPO board members and other stakeholders, and the fact that the slightly modified DMFPO board for January, 2015 is composed of twelve talented individuals that will take DMFPO forward into next year and ensuing seasons developing a slightly different personality as time goes along.

DMFPO’s long-term treasurer, Ned Van Roekel, is also leaving the board due to term limits. As I look back on the highlights of the last five years there are several things that deserve mention. DMFPO’s membership is higher than it has ever been in Ned’s and my memory. DMFPO’s finances are controlled and under Ned’s guidance we have consistently operated in the black, with a one year reserve, and ended each year at our budgeted target. The DMFPO newsletter is a significantly improved and popular publication. Much more information including timely posting of board and committee meeting minutes are uploaded and contained in the DMFPO web-site. In addition to the highly successful series of DMFPO semiannual meetings, we have added seminars to our informational outreach. Two flu clinics each October are another addition to DMFPO’s programming. Of all the accomplishments that were made during my last five years on the board, the most notable is the interaction that has developed between the

Pebble Beach Company and DMFPO on the subject of the roads.

Three words describe the culture of DMFPO in the last five years: communications, diplomacy and promptness. Ned and I know that the DMFPO board will continue this culture and build on it.

Don Eastman

December 2013

Each year it becomes increasingly clear to the DMFPO Board of Directors that communication is our role, and we are pleased to announce that as time goes along we are getting better and better at our communications task. One little known fact is that we are constantly urged by some constituents and others to take advocacy or political positions. Sometimes these requests are obvious and we politely defer. Other times the requests are more subtle, and distinctions must be ascertained and clear decisions made while always keeping in mind that DMFPO is not a political organization.

For 2013 the DMFPO Board of Directors is proud to announce that all of the various entities that make the Del Monte Forest work have been interacting in seamless fashion to deliver a year of fine performance in Pebble Beach. Construction is perhaps the biggest news. The renovation of the Poppy Hills Golf Course is coming down to completion with re-opening scheduled for April, 2014. The Pebble Beach Company received final approval last year for their Del Monte Forest Improvement Plan, and much of the phase one construction is completed or underway. The Pebble Beach Community Services District has been working on undergrounding high voltage power lines coming into the forest from Pacific Grove. By year’s end the construction has moved to the three-way ‘Lopez’ intersection near the fire station and will soon move down Forest Lake Road towards Robert Louis Stevenson School, with the Community Services District repairing the roads they dig into.

In early December 2013, the Pebble Beach Company is in the process of spending an approximate $1 M on outside contracts for roads maintenance. Soon after the contracts are agreed upon in the fall and early-winter of each year it is amazing how fast the outside contractors perform their work. Most of the work is completed during a three week period.

All of these construction projects have led to communication tasks for DMFPO which we have accomplished in prompt fashion. On an ongoing basis, we continue to communicate with the Pebble Beach Company on the subject of the roads. Most of the projects for 2013 will be completed by year’s end and there is always planning for the ensuing year. Large gains were made this year when the pavement management system became operational during the summer months. This has enabled the Pebble Beach manager for roads maintenance, and the DMFPO chair of the Roads and Land Use Committee to work together, share information and be better prepared to address future needs. Pebble Beach Company has doubled their roads management budget for outside contractors for the third year in 2013, from the previous average of $500,000 per year to $1 M per year and it is obvious to all that the extra expenditures have led to noticeable improvement.

For 2013, membership stands at 1,345, and numerous donations were gratefully received.
Here’s to a similarly productive year in 2014!

Very Truly Yours,

Don Eastman
Del Monte Forest Property Owners