Al has had a long career as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for software and hardware technology companies and is experienced in all aspects of management of finance and operations for technology companies, from late stage start-ups to mid-cap public companies. His experience includes substantial public company, IPO and investor relations experience, strategic planning and operational execution, plus extensive international experience, as well as mergers and acquisitions experience. In addition, Al worked for the U.S. Treasury and as a senior manager of large public accounting firms for ten years where he had long term expatriate assignments in Brussels, London and Paris. Al has an M.B.A. from San Jose State and is a CPA.

Al and his wife (Dawn) have owned a home in Pebble Beach for the past six years that they share with their two Labrador retrievers. They began living full time in Pebble Beach with their two Labrador retrievers about two years ago and enjoy the community. Al has recently retired and since they live here and love this community, Al is eager to help support the DMFPO and contribute to its success.