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Be Vigilant for Burglary Activity

Donna Galletti, from the Sheriff’s Office, along with Deputy Smith have advised DMFPO that there is a burglary group that floats from area to area without a pattern, but heading roughly this way.   So the Sheriff’s Office  stresses to keep vehicle doors LOCKED no matter what.

They emphasized prevention, stating that if someone is home and hears a knock at the door, acknowledge through the door that you are there, but don’t necessarily open the door.  If you don’t respond, whoever is knocking could think no one is home and break in.  If someone comes to the door, and you are the least bit suspicious, call the SO.   It could even be someone claiming to be from a utility company — There was a scam PG&E worker in Salinas burglarizing homes there.

The vehicle crime tips link is .

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