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Hwy 68 Roundabout Scheduled to Begin Construction

Latest Information as of July 8, 2016

The tentative construction start date is July 11 (pending approval of the stormwater management plans).

Considering the traffic impacts surrounding Car Week, construction activities prior to Car Week will be minimally invasive and are not expected to result in significant impacts to traffic.  Construction will really get-going after Car Week (end of August/early September).

Utility Relocation
AT&T will continue for the next 3 weeks.  After the splicing, AT&T will demo the existing vaults which will take ~2 weeks in the beginning of August.

Email Notifications
You are encouraged people to sign-up to receive email notifications: <>
We will send a weekly “look-ahead” with info about the construction, road closures, detours, traffic conditions and travel options.

Caltrans Maintenance
Caltrans has finished the dead-tree removal and is expected to finish paving Holman Highway 68 this week.

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