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Roundabout Update

Remember, there is NO LEFT TURN leaving the Hwy 1 gate. This restriction is in place 24 hours/day, 7 days/week until Memorial Day weekend.


Leaving PB to go north on Hwy 1?
• Don’t use the Hwy 1 Gate.
• Remember the Morse Gate is always a right-turn only exit and an easy route.
• Expect congestion on eastbound Hwy 68; the Carmel gate is a good alternative.

Leaving PB to go to Pacific Grove or CHOMP?
• Use the Carmel Gate or one of the Pacific Grove Gates

Do’s & Don’ts:
• Do plan ahead and avoid the intersection!
• Do use the Carmel Gate or one of the Pacific Grove gates
• Don’t end up in the congested detour route at the Hwy 1 Gate
• Don’t try to get to Pacific Grove from the Hwy 1 Gate

Leaving Pebble Beach to access Highway 68 or northbound Highway 1: Use an alternate gate (recommended); or turn right out of the Highway 1 Gate to access southbound Highway 1 and turn around at Carpenter Street or Ocean Avenue.

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