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History and Purpose

The Del Monte Forest Property Owners (DMFPO) is a broadly representative voluntary association serving the mutual community interests of all property owners in the Forest.

DMFPO has been an active community leader since 1951 and works with both public and private sector agencies on issues that affect the quality of life in Del Monte Forest(DMF). DMFPO is a well-respected voice for the Del Monte Forest with County agencies, the Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD), the Pebble Beach Company (PBC), and other Forest organizations.  However, DMFPO has no constitutional or statutory authority to govern or regulate any aspect of such activities as traffic, law enforcement, or roads.

DMFPO promotes balance among competing desires for the Forest that:

  • conserve the unique environment of the forest and shoreline
  • preserve the character of our residential neighborhoods
  • retain world-class status as a place to visit and live

We work closely with Pebble Beach Company and the Del Monte Forest Conservancy (DMFC) for maintenance of our neighborhoods and for management of open space areas.

We have seated representation on the

  • DMF Land Use Advisory Committee (County Planning Commission)
  • Architectural Review Board (Pebble Beach Company)
  • Community Advisory Board (Pebble Beach Company)
  • Open Space Advisory Committee (Del Monte Forest Conservancy)

Our observers at the PBCSD board meetings keep us informed of activities in local government.

The Roads & Land Use Committee was established to monitor land use issues affecting property owners in the Del Monte Forest with representation at meetings with Pebble Beach Company and other Forest organizations and the County. The committee was expanded in 2011 to raise the concern of road conditions in the Forest to top priority. DMFPO’s designation as a primary overseer for road system maintenance, repairs, and improvements is delineated in the 1984 Del Monte Forest Area Land Use Plan Agreement between Pebble Beach Company and the Monterey County Board of Supervisors.

Our own Traffic and Safety Committee meetings receive input from outside organizations as a means of connecting with the interests of Forest property owners.

We have been instrumental in satisfying resident desires for additional law enforcement services in the Forest following a professional survey and recommendations to the PBCSD Board for a meaningful response, resulting in the current enhanced law enforcement program now operating in the Forest.

Our attention continues to focus on implementation of the 17 Mile Drive “Hwy 1” Hwy 68 interchange improvements to relieve commute hour traffic congestion. We expect to remain involved in implementation details of the DMF Plan as it progresses for the next several years.

The organization routinely hosts immunization clinics at the PBCSD offices. Check the home page of the website for upcoming clinic dates and times.

Benefits of Membership

As a property owner in the Forest, we invite you to join the DMFPO, support the organization, and take part in our many activities. Annual dues are $50 each calendar year. As a member you:

  • receive a quarterly newsletter on activities by the DMFPO
  • may attend two membership meetings per year
  • have the opportunity to hear community speakers
  • can enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres at Semiannual meetings
  • receive free DMFPO publications
  • receive Emergency Information Pamphlet
  • receive DMF Road & Trails Maps
  • have access to DMFPO office staff and website
  • get to know your neighbors and community leaders

Open Governance

  • Twelve Elected Board Directors
  • Three year term
  • Two consecutive term limit
  • Newly elected members each year

Our Board meetings are open and held on the second Monday of each month at 4 pm at the Pebble Beach Community Services District office. You are encouraged to voice your ideas about issues in our community. Your participation to help form our position is also welcome in any of our standing committees that meet within the Forest on various schedules. Call our office for meeting times and dates.

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