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15Jul 17

Welcome to the Hiking and Equestrian Trails Committee

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – Anonymous
“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir

Here in the Del Monte Forest, we are fortunate to have more than forty miles of pristine and beautiful trails that criss-cross and interconnect across our community.  The trails network and the preserved open spaces are crown jewels of the Forest, allowing hikers and equestrians to choose easy or challenging trails to explore.  Trail enthusiasts are rewarded with quiet, solitude and breath taking vistas while communing with the local flora and fauna, as well as burning off some calories.  The DMFPO Board of Directors believes it is important to preserve and protect our world class trails network for all.  Following the recent discontinuance of the Pebble Beach Riding and Trails Association, the DMFPO Board formed the Hiking and Equestrian Trails Committee (HETC).  The HETC is an all-volunteer committee with a mission to work cooperatively with key parties including the Pebble Beach Company, Pebble Beach Community Services District, Del Monte Forest Conservancy, Open Space Advisory Committee and others to coordinate efforts to preserve and protect our trail system, and to promote the use and enjoyment of the trails network for all.The HETC had its inaugural meeting in April 2017 and the meeting was well attended with over forty trails enthusiasts (aka “Trail Nutz”), brimming with ideas and suggestions on how to preserve and protect the trail network.  Since its inaugural meeting, the HETC has organized an Earth Day Spring Trails Clean-Up Day, completed a trail conditions survey for many of the popular trails, and coordinated with the Pebble Beach Company to focus trail maintenance efforts on key areas.  Future upcoming HETC events include organized trail hikes led by local experts, semi-annual trail enthusiasts appreciation picnic, potluck, trail clean-up days, and other activities to promote the use and enjoyment of the trails network while getting to know neighbors and making friends.

The HETC meets quarterly on the second Wednesday of the first month of each calendar quarter.  The next two HETC meetings in 2017 will be on July 19 at 1:45  and on October 11 at 4:00 at the Pebble Beach Community Service District building (3101 Forest Lake Rd, Pebble Beach, CA).  Join the HETC and get involved in helping maintain and preserve our world class trail system.  New members are warmly welcomed to attend the HETC meetings!

08Jul 17

Upcoming Roundabout Construction (July 16 – 21)

The project has reached a major milestone as the roundabout was opened to traffic in all directions.  For the first time ever it is now possible to get a 360 degree view of the intersection at Holman Highway 68 and Highway 1!  Overhead sign structures have been installed which should significantly help people find their way through the intersection and roadside signs are on the way.  The two lanes on eastbound Highway 68 (toward Highway 1) continue to be consolidated to one lane to make room for construction and landscaping work.  The consolidation has caused some slowing, but once work is complete there will be separate lanes for those travelling toward the Highway 1 northbound on-ramp and the Pebble Beach Highway 1 Gate entrance.

Monday, July 17 – Friday July 21 (Day)
Crews will prepare for final paving of the roundabout next week.  Other work will include repairing/replacing some sections of curb and gutter and trucking-in top soil for landscaping.  There will be periodic flagging in the intersection during the day to allow truck access in and around the construction site.  Please expect 5-10 minute delays travelling through the intersection during the day.

Sunday, July 16 – Tuesday, July 18(Night: 8 p.m. – 6 a.m.)
Nighttime construction of the Holman Highway 68 Roundabout Project will require traffic control with flagging on Highway 68, and closures of the Highway 1 off-ramp, Highway 1 southbound on-ramp and Pebble Beach Gate (entry and exit) for final paving.  All other gates to Pebble Beach will be OPEN.

23Jun 17

Upcoming Roundabout Construction (June 24 – June 29)

Below is the projected schedule; however, this schedule is dependent on the weather, and rain may delay the closures. Detour signage will be in place including signage to the hospital. Plan to use alternate routes and avoid the intersection whenever possible.

Day and Night work

Thursday, June 22 – Tuesday, June 27 (Day and Night)
Those leaving Pebble Beach from the Highway 1 Gate will be able to turn left to access Highway 68 ONLY. The southbound Highway 1 on-ramp will remain CLOSED for the duration. The Highway 1 Gate entrance to Pebble Beach will be OPEN. (Traffic will run on rough, unpaved road near the teardrop island).
Wednesday, June 28 (Night: 8 p.m. – 6 a.m.)
Night closure of southbound Highway 1 on-ramp, off-ramp, and the Pebble Beach Highway 1 Gate Gate entrance and exit will be CLOSED. The on-ramp and Highway 1 Gate will be OPEN during the DAY. (Traffic will run on rough, unpaved road near the tear drop island)
Thursday, June 29 (Night: 8 p.m. – 6 a.m.)
Night closure of the southbound Highway 1 on-ramp, off-ramp, and the Pebble Beach Highway 1 Gate entrance and exit will be CLOSED. The on-ramp and Highway 1 Gate will be OPEN during the day.
During the southbound Highway 1 on-ramp closure, drivers coming from Pacific Grove, Community Hospital, and the Aguajito Road neighborhood who are going towards southbound Highway 1 (towards Carmel) will need to follow the signed detour and head north on Highway 1 to make a U-turn at Munras Avenue. Large trucks and busses are advised to U-turn at Aguajito Road. During the Pebble Beach Highway 1 Gate closures, drivers are advised to use an alternate gate.
Schedule Update
The current schedule calls for the intersection to be functioning as a roundabout starting in early July. Paving work is planned to be completed in August, and all remaining items, such as landscaping, are anticipated to be completed by early October.

15Jun 17

Sunday Seminar – Navigating the New Holman Highway Roundabout

On Sunday, July 16th, from 2:00-3:00 p.m., the Del Monte Forest Property Owners will host a presentation by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County at the Pebble Beach Community Services District Community Room to assist motorists in negotiating the new Holman Highway Roundabout.

Major portions of the project are complete.  Cones and signs are currently in place at entrances to the Roundabout, but will be removed allowing for full functionality in July.

Come learn what to expect and how best to navigate the intersection for smooth traffic flow.  Help make congestion and frustrating delays a thing of the past.

14Jun 17

Roundabout Update for June 21 – June 29

The latest update on activities and related schedules for upcoming work (next two-weeks)  — In summary there will be impact for folks leaving Pebble Beach via the Hwy 1 gate (as follows):

Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st ……there will be a complete closure for existing traffic (you will be able to turn neither left nor right out of the Pebble Beach Hwy 1 gate); to leave Pebble Beach you will need to use an alternative route.

Thursday 22nd – Tuesday 27th …….Existing left out of the Hwy 1 gate will be re-opened; but the Hwy 1 on-ramp will remain closed; to travel South on Hwy 1 you will need to use an alternative route.

Wednesday 28th – Thursday 29th ……There will be another complete closure (only at Night) for traffic both entering and exiting Pebble Beach (see attached Exhibit); to leave Pebble Beach you will need to use an alternative route.

25May 17

Roundabout Traffic Signal to be Removed May 30

As part of the construction of the Holman Highway 68 Roundabout, the traffic signals at the intersection of Holman Highway 68 and Highway 1 will be permanently removed on the night of Tuesday, May 30. Beginning on the morning of Wednesday, May 31, traffic going through the intersection will be controlled by yield signs.

This marks a major milestone and the beginning of the next phase of construction when crews will build the center island of the roundabout. According to construction manager Bobby Pentorali, “During this time, we will be building the heart of the roundabout, which is a complicated phase of construction given that the work area will be in the middle of the intersection with traffic traveling around it.”

During this phase of construction drivers exiting the Pebble Beach Highway 1 Gate will be not be able to access westbound Holman Highway 68 going toward Community Hospital and Pacific Grove. Drivers wishing to access westbound Highway 68 from Pebble Beach going towards Community Hospital and Pacific Grove will need to make a U-turn off northbound Highway 1 at Munras Avenue and then proceed to the Highway 1 off-ramp at Highway 68.  Drivers from Pebble Beach will have full access to both northbound and southbound Highway 1.

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