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15Oct 17

New Trails Map Available on Your Smartphone

The new revision of our Hiking & Equestrian Trails map is available on your mobile device using the GPS-enabled Maplets app for iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phones. The Maplets app can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad from the App Store (cost for the app is $2.99), or to your Android phone from Amazon using the Amazon Underground app.
Once the Maplets app is installed on your mobile phone or iPad, you can download a copy of the DMF Hiking & Equestrian Trails map to your device. The app will plot your current position on the map using GPS, and once downloaded, the map works on your mobile device regardless of whether cell service is available.
The Maplets app also has a feature which allows the user to capture the GPS coordinates of their current position on the map, and to copy them on your device, to email or text message them, or to share them on Facebook or Twitter. This feature can be useful in emergencies, or for reporting trail damage or obstructions to the DMFPO Hiking & Equestrian Trails Committee for follow-up.
Please go to for more information on this application.

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